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3 Ways Businesses Can Utilize Door Chime Alarms in 2018

Security is still a major concern in many places around the world. We cannot sit back and condemn it without taking any action; thus it is our responsibility to take necessary steps towards protecting our homes and business areas. One of the cheapest and effective security features you could use is a door chime alarm.

A door chime alarm is a tool that is placed on doors and windows to let out a sound when the door or window is opened. There are many types of chimes available in the market today. They include; infrared, magnetic, mechanical, and high-tech chimes. They function differently, but serve the same purpose. They usually let out an alarming or ding dong sound or melody once the door or window they are installed on is opened.

These door alarm systems have different uses, and their primary functions include:

To inform you when a person walks in
This was common in the olden days when door chimes were used in small stores and diners to alert attendants that a person had just walked through the door and they needed to serve them. Even today, we still have shops that have only one attendant who has to do everything in the store including going to the back to handle tasks like inventory. Besides, it would be nice to be welcomed to your store with a melody.

To alert you when a person opens a door that is supposed to stay shut
In expansive business premises such as hotels, airports, factories, etc. , there are usually many doors which can be used to go in and out of the building, and they mostly stay easy to open in case of emergencies. Nevertheless, to observe those who enter and leave a building, the entry and exit points are limited to just a few doors. Those other doors which are not physically manned by a guard can be fitted with door alarm chimes to alert the control room that a door has been used. Surveillance cameras can be placed facing these doors directly to capture the image of the person who uses them.

To keep off unauthorized individuals from restricted areas
Not only can door chimes be used to alert you that a door has been opened, but they can be networked with other security systems to protect restricted areas from unauthorized persons. This includes combining entry chimes with various technology such as security cameras in real time, number plate recognition, facial recognition, key locks, biometric security checks, and so on to monitor traffic in restricted areas for respective action. These systems are ideal for commercial or industrial premises where sensitive data or items are processed.

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